4gram Description:

Hello, guys. Today, in this post we would like to shed light on the topic of getting auto likes and auto followers on Instagram. If you are interested in this topic then read the article till the end. I hope that it would increase your online presence on Instagram. 4gram is the application which will help you in getting free auto likes and auto followers on the Instagram account.

How to use 4gram to get auto likes and followers?

  1. First, you need to change the setting of your Instagram account, if you have a private setting, then change it to the public, otherwise, this application would not work for you.
  2. And change the security setting of your mobile as well; check the unknown sources button in your setting, to install this application.
  3. Now, download this app and install it on your device, if you have smoothly installed this application, then restart your device once and open the application to use this.
  4. Put your Instagram account detail and password using the 4gram app, and log into your account.
  5. You can get auto likes on your own images and for any other person images. You should select the option of auto likes right after opening your account.
  6. Now, put the images on which you are desired to get likes, and if you want to get likes on any other person profile or image, you need to submit the URL of that image or profile.
  7. You can put your 8 images to get likes at one time, and do not repeat the process until submission of 15 minutes passes.

If you are interested in getting auto followers for your profile, you should select the option of auto followers’ right after you log into your account via 4gram Android app. You would be able to get auto followers; same like you get auto likes on the Instagram account.

If Instagram has blocked your account using the 4gram app. You should log into your account via official application of Instagram. You are free to download 4gram app APK file from our website; we already have given a download link to download the file. If you are getting any error while downloading this application then comment down in the section.


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