Android Device Manager (Find My Device) Description:

Finding a lost and stolen phone is almost equal to impossible. When you make the security bridges considering that the person who stole will not be able to cross those bridges. You even do not know the technical levels and connection of those persons. But, still, there are greater chances of you to find your lost and stolen phone using this given application, Android Device Manager (Find My Device). You just tap the download button to get the file, install that Android Device Manager app on your phone and enable the location trigger on the phone. Last and the least, this application is developed and released by the Google Inc.

So, we are heading towards making your phone accessible after losing or stealing. You have downloaded and installed the application, hopefully. Plus, have enabled the location trigger, now the turn is if someone steals your phone, how you can track that person.

You just log into your account, provide the IMEI number of the phone, log in and see the real-time location of the phone. You will get three option there, you can make the phone to ring simultaneously by using the Android Device Manager website, or lock the phone if it not locked or can erase the data of your with just tap of the finger.

So, if you are thinking erasing the data will be a good option for you. Because you have had very sensitive data of you, then do it, and erase all the data. Or if you think, you are just too close the phone but do not know the person. As more people are there, just press the tab of Ring. With that, you would know the person whom you are finding. Or just erase the data to make the phone delete all the data from you in real time.

You can even use your Google account to find the phone the tracking system will be GPS coordination. So, stay in touch, as we share very interesting application, which helps you a lot. Download Android Device Manager (Find My Device) app APK file from the link, and install it on your Android device. Please comment down if the link is not working.


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