Apental Calc APK Free Download (Latest Version) for Android


Apental Calc v2.52 APK Free Download (Latest) for Android
4.0/5 Votes: 95
18 January 2020
Android OS 2.3 and higher
3.6 MB

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If you make up your mind and want to get free likes on Facebook using Apental Calc, without spending any amount or running an online campaign. Then download Apental Calc (Facebook Auto Liker) app from our site. No other application can provide you the number of impressions with security and trust. I also have been using auto liker and tried a dozen auto likers, but most of the time, I could not get the desired results. Though I am not the developer of Apental Calc, after using it, after getting the desired number of likes, I can assure you this will give you proper results.

Apental Calc Features:

As I said, this is one of the most secure applications one ever used, and you can read the reviews regarding this. I myself sometimes use the app, to show off to my friends.

  • Get thousands of free likes.
  • No need to scratch your head by generating the code and submitting the code, sometimes these ways make your account blocked.
  • Clean use, provide you spam free auto likes.
  • Get instant results on your profile.
  • The likes will be genuine, it will remain on your profile and will not disappear after some hours as other applications do.
  • Clean navigations, simply provide you the images you recently have uploaded to Facebook, and select one to get likes.
  • No technical knowledge requires, just read the article and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Ability to provide you the desired number of likes.
  • You can use the app 13-14 times in a day to get free likes.
  • Clean navigations, no need to tap on the pop-ups ads.
  • And much more.

How to use Apental Calc?

Yes, one should know the use of an application when he/she using it the very first time.

  1. First, you should come to know, when you download an application from third-party source, Android does not allow you to install the app with default installation setting.
  2. So, you have to change the installation setting to third-party installation.
  3. You should tap on setting > security setting > and check the unknown sources option.
  4. Now, you are ready to install Apental Calc on your device.
  5. Hope you will get a smooth installation if some other things stop you to install the app, must comment down and mention your problem. Now, we are up to get free likes.
  6. Launch the Apental Calc application on your device, and log in your Facebook account details. No worry, your account will be in safe hands, and no one will ever save the password, or reveal your privacy. This is one of the most secure and trusted application, with more than thousands of real-time users.
  7. You will get a screen, where your recent images will be shown. You need to pick the image, to get likes on.
  8. Tap on the submit button “Want Likes on This”, as the button will be on your Android screen.
  9. Now, the amount will be delivered to your account within seconds or minutes.
  10. One can submit another request and this time. You have no need to provide the email ID and password, just wait for 30 minutes and start getting the amount again.
  11. In this way, you can get thousands of impressions in one day. But if you will over-use this app, Facebook might block your account.

Why use Apental Calc App?

I get this question many times, why one would like to get free likes on Facebook? That is right when everything is going right in the direction, and people love to meet you and interact with you. But, this does not happen to everyone, some people do not get impressions and interaction like you, so they needed Facebook likes to boost their online reputation. And it can also happen at any stage of life, then you would come to know the importance of such applications. Anyhow, we are providing you the application to download. We already have given you the download option, tap on it and get the Apental Calc app.

Why Apental Calc not working or not getting likes?

Yes, this is possible, by following all these steps one do not get impressions. The reason is the person had made some security, which does not all the app to provide an impression. When you only allow you, friends, to comment and like your profile, this app will not be able to give you the results. So, change the Facebook setting to public. You should make the follower setting to public, timeline, and tagging to anyone and contact you tab to anyone. Please note that, if you are facing a problem during the process of getting likes like “Privacy Problem here”. Then you must refer to, unlike your post or photo which you have previously liked.

So, download Apental Calc app APK file latest version from the below download button, tap the download button and get the application. If something does not go right in the direction, please do comment in the comment section.


Version Size Requirements Date
- - - -
- - - -
v5.01 3.6 MB Android OS 2.3 and higher 18/01/2020
v15.4 6.8 MB Android OS 2.3 and higher 01/02/2020
v2.3.3 5.5 MB All Android OS 09/03/2020

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    You have shared a good app

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    good app really

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    Woow soo nice app

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    $üpër App

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    It is very Fantastic application really

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    wow Awosam App.
    I Give Will Rate In 5 Stars ✨

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    Jujuju bahut badiya app ha fb users ke liye..

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    its not working for newly uploaded photos

  13. ravi chaudhary says:

    Best app

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  15. Pranjal Kumar Singh says:

    Every time when i click on “WANT LIKE ON THIS” then it says an error occurred check your network

    When i slided my screen to help… Its written their thaty account is suspended….

    Plz help me…
    I want likes ???… Plz

    • shakeel says:

      First, uninstall this application from your phone and download the latest version of ApentalCalc from my site and check again.

      • Pranjal Kumar Singh says:

        I did what u said but again it said chek your network… And in help ot os again return your account is suspended…….

        Pls help…

  16. Himanshu says:

    At the beginning it works i get 340 likes in my post but after some time i couldnt able to get likes on my other post or in any post plz fix the bug

  17. Nit Esh says:

    really use full !! your site is awesome

  18. Jonniewalker says:

    Its asking the user dictionary .. . In moto g5 plus phone how could I solve this !!!! !

  19. Lakhmi Foujdar says:

    Very nice

  20. thaddy says:

    give me likes

  21. MdAli Hussain says:

    Good app

  22. harris says:

    Yes its great app i got 776 likes on my post

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  24. XU DEEP says:

    What the hell is happening it’s just providing me 30 likes per click!!
    please fix this!
    it used to provide 100 likes per click!!
    Please fix it!!
    It’s one of thD best apps for getting likes!! Please fix! Fix!

  25. venkat says:

    It doesn’t work on profile pictures please fix it fast….

  26. Rohan singh says:

    Very very wonderful app

  27. suraj patel says:


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