Top Three Best Liker Apps for Facebook (2020)

March 2, 2020 shakeel No Comments

Hey, welcome here you are here for 3 best liker apps for Facebook which I am going to mention them one by one.

Are you not getting likes? From your friends or the once you which you have added into your Facebook friends list & they just see your pictures & don’t react to them so, now you don’t need to worry about sharing with you the best apps which work for you.

Best Liker Apps

1. Hublaa Auto Liker

How you can use Hublaa Auto Liker to stay with us to know more about it.

Hublaa Liker is here to help you to increase your Facebook likes & reactions on your any posts now be famous & it’s all free when it comes to Hublaa Liker.

What you need to do is change your public profile privacy into the Public, this is very important to on it otherwise the auto liker will not work until this thing will not be public.

Log in using your FB account if you think they can bite then you can simply use a dummy Facebook account & get likes & reactions on your posts.

Does the account get locked after using Hublaa Liker?

It will happen sometimes because of the unusual activity Facebook sends you the notification that your recent login what you need to do is a tick on the yes this was me so, by doing that your account will be secured & don’t get locked.

2. Liker APK

When it comes to likerApk it will give you 300 likes & reactions, comments & shares on every one hour but it has some limitations you can only use this liker APK 3 times a day & the Hublaa Auto Liker gives you liked after every 15 mins but they only provide you 20 likes after every 15 minutes of usage.

So, it completely depends upon you which one you chose for yourself & my friends mostly use this liker app which provides 3 times usage per day but very efficient & awesome work.

3. Free Liker

The 3rd one is the FreeLiker which also provides you a limited time of usage but when it comes to likes, reactions, comments & shares we will consider this free liker one of the best likers in the world.

This liker provides 500 likes & reactions each time when I use this on any of the posts, pictures & on videos.

I hope you liked these best 3 auto likers for Facebook!

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