Boom Beach v33.130 APK Free Download (Latest) for Android

Boom Beach v33.130 APK Free Download (Latest) for Android
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Boom Beach Description:

Download Boom Beach game APK latest version from the given download button. The latest version supports Android phones, tablets, even iOS. You should have an Android version 4.0.3 and above than that. Boom Beach is developed by Supercell and it got hit even in days. The game was first released in 2013 later on after seeing the fame of this, it was internationally released in 2014. If you have not played the game yet, must have this on your device and taste the amusement of the game.

The game is available on Google Play Store and Apple’s App store, still. If you confused due to much more application on these stores likened, you can have the direct download link to the officially released game.

Boom Beach Features:

  • In this game, you need to create your own army your own troops. You will get troops like Rifleman, Heavy, Zoka, Warriors, Tank and much more.
  • You should use these troops on correct time and train your army as well.
  • Upgrade your troops, and create such an army which could be an undefeatable beast.
  • In Boom Beach game you need to learn how to use different weapons at the right time; you just need to hit the nail right on the head of every enemy.
  • You should use Flare, Medikit, Shock Bomb, Barrage, and Smokescreen to destroy the strength of your enemies.
  • Moreover, you should find all three bases where the attacks can lead your enemies to run away from the battlefield. You should attack Mercenary Base, Blackguard base, Resource base.
  • It is player’s choice where to attack and when to attack when you will be offline- your enemies the clever folks will attack you, so build up your defense first.
  • Your defensive things are sniper tower, Machine Gun, Morar, Canon, Rocket Launcher, Shock Launer, Mine, Boone Mine, and much more. Build them up and make your army undefeatable.

So, download Boom Beach game APK file from the given download button. The game is good for all Android devices, and it has tested already. You can download the game for All Android devices likes HTC, LG, Moto, Sony, Oppo, Samsung, and Nokia.


Version Size Requirements Date
- - - -
- - - -
v5.01 3.6 MB Android OS 2.3 and higher 18/01/2020
v15.4 6.8 MB Android OS 2.3 and higher 01/02/2020
v2.3.3 5.5 MB All Android OS 09/03/2020

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