Did you confront with the various contents blocked on your DNS server, and find it very annoying. You can override your current DNS by using DNS Changer app, with just simple hacks. Download it on your phone, and change the current DNS to open DNS of your choice.

Not only the application helps you get the blocked content on your location, but it increases your internet speed. As your current DNS may not be parallel quality and it can hunt you with lower speed. By having the app installed on your phone, and setting the desired DNS, you can increase the speed of your internet.

How to download, install & use DNS Changer?

DNS Changer famous with the name DNS override is the application most of the time used on a server which is set to blocked access, due to many reasons. It may be your region is blocked, it can your DNS has been blocked or any other reason, which can make you get slow speed, and blocked content. Override the DNS by changing it to Google DNS, open DNS or any other DNS of your choice. You have nothing to do, as the application does everything on its own, you just get the app installed safely and that is it.

  1. Download DNS Changer APK file from the given download link.
  2. And install it on your phone, though the app is available on Google Play Store, there the same app comes with the different name, and it can be confusing which one is genuine.
  3. Get the unknown source installation setting enabled, as the app is downloaded from the third party source, and will not be installed with default settings.
  4. Open the app on your phone now; it comes with a wide range of options.
  5. Choose the DNS here, and set it to your location.
  6. Now, you will be using the DNS of that provider, not the current.
  7. The may be disabled when you connect any other internet Wi-Fi connection or switch your mobile data to another sim.
  8. The simple and clean interface allows you to simply change the DNS without roaming and clicking anywhere.
  9. Automatic DNS flush without the need to restart the device.
  10. Get DNS Changer on your phone without rooting the Android phone, most of the time, DNS Changer app requires root access, for this, you are not required.
  11. Integrate DashClock with the app, to keep an eye on the DNS of your phone in use.

Features of DNS Changer:

  • Most of the time, what I have known, people want to increase the internet speed using the app, the app though helps in improving the internet speed, but not a boost.
  • Basically, the app changes the DNS records which will not impact on the Wi-Fi router of the plan.
  • The app helps you to get the content which is not accessible to your region, or blocked on your DNS.
  • Override the DNS with the desired DNS network; get Open DNS, Google DNS, SSID DNS and much more in the row.
  • Highly customizable, a wide range of features, get free DNS of your choice.

Download DNS Changer (no root 3G/WiFi) app APK file from the given download link. And install to get favorite free DNS.


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