Android phones have changed our lives entirely; the transitions change in our lives took us to take lots of selfies, sharing those on Instagram and other social networking blogs. Nowadays, we are witnessing the mind-blowing cameras in smartphones, near in quality to DSLR. But, having outclassed selfies and images, we sometimes need to add up some notches. These notches can be added by using Facetune app.

The application to maximize the images quality, and gives a magazine look to your images. The app just comes from the developers who know how to add colors into an image and to enhance its beauty to the next level. Just get the application, add some quality to your images, and give the selfies to the magazine look.

How to download, install & use Facetune app?

Facetune is equipped with lots of tools, either is the block spots what you want to remove. Or the background you want to change, or a person you want to remove, the app is there for you. The built-in tool works on tap and gets, enhance the image quality and send them to your loved ones, fiancée, girlfriend/boyfriend or share them on Facebook.

  1. Download Facetune APK file from the given download link.
  2. Install them on your phone, and launch it.
  3. Start getting the right color into your images.
  4. The app not only enhances your look but add up some shooting skills into you.
  5. You get to know the right angle before shooting an image; you explore the talent within you.
  6. For those who are addicted to taking selfies, Facetune is one stop shop, equipped with all the modern tools.
  7. In the days, when we cannot afford to have bulky video editing software, Adobe Photoshop, Facetune is just a perfect grab.
  8. While taking the selfie, the application takes pictures in different colors and angles.
  9. You by seeing them can choose the best among and can share on the platform you want.
  10. Either you need the face black spots, or add up some colors to your eyes.
  11. It widens your smiles, sets your hair off, removes blemishes, and remove circles around your eyes, add some lights on your face, and make your image ready to be shared anywhere you want.
  12. You even can change the eye color, emphasize on your eyes, and change the gaze the way you want, and remove red-eye effect from your eyes.

Features of Facetune:

  • Facetune is a mind-boggling application, with dozens of useful tools and feature, get all resources free of cost.
  • Change your face color, eyes color, red light effect and change the tan skin to white.
  • Focus on you while taking the selfies, add unique texture, add special effects.
  • Different photo editing filters, customizable filters and add them up to specific areas.
  • Give artistic look to your image.
  • Share the image directly from the application to the big social networking blogs.
  • Facetune is one of the top most used application around the globe, especially the selfie lovers use to take the app two notches up.

Download Facetune app APK file from the given download link for free, grab the latest version and add some colors to your colorless selfies.


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