Flat Style Bar Indicators Description:

The latest version of the Flat Style Bar Indicators app has been released. This version is currently updated for Android smartphones or tablets. This is an all-in-one mobile indicator for only Android OS 4.3 to up. This app supports only Android ZTE, Sony, LG, Motorola, HTC, Asus, Huawei, and Samsung mobile phones.

With Flat Style Bar Indicators app, you can easily off and on your phone indicators like Wi-Fi connection indicator, data connection indicator, Bluetooth connection indicator, alarm indicator, battery indicator, clock indicators, sound indicator and much more indicators easily by the help of this wonderful app. So, download Flat Style Bar Indicators app APK file from our site at the bottom of this post. In the version of Flat Style Bar Indicators app, many features are added by its developer but in this free version, these are not available. In the post, we have only provided actually its free version but its version is available in-app purchases at Google Play Store, here.

Some main features of Flat Style bar Indicator APK are listed here:

Features of Flat Style Bar Indicators:

In free version!

  • 3+ free Wi-Fi indicator themes.
  • 3+ free data indicator themes.
  • 2+ free battery indicator themes.
  • Change clock style and carrier label style.
  • Change the position of indicators to left, right and center.
  • Change color of indicators easily.
  • And much more


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