You are a busy bee, and you have to spend lots of your time, working. And that is why; you cannot enjoy your favorite content on YouTube, or listen to the latest released songs. We got the solution, in form of an application, FlyTube. This application allows multi-tasking at its peak.

By playing the videos on background, or sticking the videos at the edge of your screen, you can do anything you want. FlyTube app allows you to watch videos while working; a floating window will appear to allow you watch the stuff what is running on the YouTube.

What is FlyTube?

FlyTube is an unofficial application, which is developed to allow users to watch videos or listen to music while working. On an official YouTube application, you cannot listen to the song, or watch the video if the screen is turned off. This app not only allows you to listen to the music, but shuffle the song, create the playlist of latest played songs, and listen to them repeatedly.

A clean interfaced application, light-weighted, put the running videos at the edge of the screen, modify its size accordingly your need, and with one tap, get the full view of it. FlyTube gives you the top charts of music, add the latest released songs to your list, and listen to them when you got some free time.

How to install & use FlyTube?

FlyTube is a freeware app which is developed for the Android’s users. The application is top-notch to provide the simple interface and clean navigation. It does not have any ads on floating windows, like many of the apps on the same niche. Choose between 4 different floating popup player sizes, move floating popups freely anywhere on the screen, and get it the video in full size when wanted.

  1. Download FlyTube APK from the given download link, and install it on your phone.
  2. While installing the app on your device, you might be needed to change the installation setting of the device.
  3. Change it to get the app installed, head to settings, security settings, and tap unknown source button on.
  4. Now, launch the application on your phone, after getting this installed successfully.
  5. Search for your favorite videos, change the video into music, or set the video on any edge of the screen, get the favorite floating size.
  6. Search for the millions of online streaming videos, or audios.
  7. Play your favorite song, add the song to the playlist, and get it played repeatedly.
  8. Enjoy the top daily charts, where you will find the latest released songs.

Features of FlyTube:

  • FlyTube is a free and easy to use an application, which provides you the YouTube content in your favorite shape.
  • Get the videos pop-up, make them play in the background when the screen is turned off.
  • Multi-tasking mode allows you to listen to the song while doing your work.
  • Explore the YouTube search for the favorite content, and add them to the playlist, to listen to them later.
  • Put the videos on the corner of your screen, floating windows, modify the size of it, and with one tap get the full size of the video.
  • Look for the recently played videos, and add them to your list, never miss a song.
  • Share your current playlist with your friends.

Download FlyTube app APK file latest version from the given download link, and install it on your Android phone.


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