You play lots of video games on your Android phone, and then you would know the game editors? You know there are dozens of video editors available in markets, like SBMan Game Hacker, Game Guardian, Game Killer and much more. Do you want to experience one more impressive game editor, which could edit your offline games? If yes, then you need to try GameCIH 2 (Cheating Hacker) Android app.

The application does the same job as other video editors, but with great efficiency and quickness. You just search for the scores, coins, and golds and on the other hand, get the job done. By using GameCIH 2 app you can edit your offline games easily. You are not required to be a programmer, or gamer to get it done. Just search for the desired number and you will be accomplished with that.

How GameCIH 2 Works?

In simple words, this application is a cheating or hacking tool for the rooted device. You cannot get the fruits out of this application if the device is not rooted. You can find many rooted applications on the landed website, and get your phone rooted with simple hacks. Originally the tool only works for offline games, the games which stored the data on the Android phone’s memory. And that GameCIH 2 allows you to change the code, thus change the game results, with simple taps.

Like, you are playing a game, and when you completed the first level of the game, and try to load the second level, you came to know that cannot be gained without of cash, coins or money. In that situation, you can get that money, dollars or coins by using GameCIH 2 application. This will skip any level of the game, will unlock the premium features, and produces the desired results for you. Like, if you want a good number on the scoreboard, but you are not getting those numbers by playing the game. You can get it done by just changing some memory allocations.

  1. First, download the application and install it Android or tablet device.
  2. You may not get the app installed with the default Android settings. Change the installation settings to the unknown source.
  3. Now, open the game and play till the level, where you needed money, cash or dollars, or you want to skip the level.
  4. And go to the GameCIH 2 app, open it up, and search for the game or score you want to change.
  5. For, changing the scores, you need to find a unique digit, if you get more than one result of one query, play the game little more, and change the score to a unique digit. Again search for that number, if you get just one result, change it to your desired digit.
  6. To get the cash or coins, you will get the icon of the application, and by tapping on that you will receive the cash or get the features unlocked.

Features of GameCIH 2:

  • The application can only produce results for offline games, do not ever try it on online games.
  • You can hack any offline game, get desired scores, cash, money, coins and much more.
  • It changes the memory allocation, and with that, you get the desired results.
  • Simple to handle and easy to change the digits.
  • Modify or hack any offline game, and get it shaped the way you want.
  • You can increase/decrease the speed of the game, levels of the games, add extra lives or can be disappeared by changing the codes by using this app.

Download GameCIH 2 APK file from the link below, and get it installed on your phone or tablet.


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