You are downloading Gemini App Manager app APK file latest version available here to free download for Android devices or Smartphones. This (v3.3.5) version is latest updated for all Android phones or tablets. Its also available on Google Play Store; follow the link to install on your phone.

Gemini App Manager is the powerful and fast tool to manage your Android apps which includes app autorun control [ROOT], risk indication, move apps to SD Card, uninstall apps, task killer, backup APK files to SD Card and etc. In the expert mode, you can sort packages and filter by many useful ways. And you can also call root function automatically to get better performance if your device is rooted. Try Gemini App Manager app to check your Android apps, you may find something you do not know before. To download Gemini App Manager app APK file latest version from our site at the end of this post. Before downloading read its latest key features, features are given below.

Features of Gemini App Manager:

  • Uninstall apps or batch uninstalls apps; there is a fast way to batch move for rooted users.
  • Risk indication; a show which app can call outgoing or use the camera or can send out SMS or can access your contact or SIM card or Gmail bookmark or can find your location GPS or more.
  • Kill process; one key RAM optimize/kill all apps or kills by selection and user can set (Do Not Kill) flag for an app which should not be killed.
  • Auto run management; disable or enable conditions for auto run.
  • Filters apps by multi ways and you can also sort apps by multi-ways.
  • Enables or disable the application.
  • View app information.
  • Completely free app.
  • And much more.

What’s new in v3.3.5?

  • Add indication icon to tell if an app can lock device awake.
  • Add (Can lock awake) filter menu in expert mode and add wake lock option in Custom filter page.
  • Fix the issue that CPU usage cannot show on some unofficial ROM.
  • Try to fix the issue that external SD card capacity error on some Android devices.

Now Gemini App Manager app APK file is available below, just tap the download button and get the APK file.


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