Google Now Launcher is an interesting application and very few people have known about its features and uses. This is Google service for their users to do cool stuff. If you are bored of seeing your same home screen again and again or do not like your background themes or searching for a method that will allow you to paint your home screen with your favorite color or design or searching for a method that will collect all your desired then in one table. Google Now Launcher is here for you. You will do all these above-mentioned stuff with your smartphones, and also what I am going to describe in upcoming lines.

Google Now Launcher is like one stop shop, this is like a little dream world, where you can put everything which you have loved. This is like in charge of your home screen doing all the stuff behind the screen for you. You can gather all the cool services like Gmail, calendar, news, weather, voice, sports and magazines in one place together. You can select which card being displayed on your home screen; you will see all the cards by swiping with your thumb one after another.

By using this amazing Google Now Launcher app you will see very impressive Google search services from search option, you can search with a voice as well.  You can now customize your home screen with your favorite color and theme; can put your favorite wallpaper.

This app has made your traveling very easy; you can instantly search the cities location, traffic, and distances between some places. Even can check the currency if you are feeling it difficult to find the right conversion at the time.

These features are like an intro of Google Now Launcher app APK file. Explore your experience with Google Now Launcher app, and download the application from the given link. We have updated the link to the newer version in the case if you are wondering about the older version. In a case of any query, you can comment down in comment section area.



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