Hackode is an amazing application to perform different security-related tasks. Like, it is an ethical hacking tool, which allows you to find the hidden doors on your network, system and much more. The application is a like penetration tool, and it is used to perform different tasks like reconnaissance, scanning devices, and exploits.

The application is equipped with different tools which perform different tasks like reconnaissance, Google hacking, Google dorks, Whois scanning, IP MX records DNS Dig exploits and much more like that. So, if you do not know how to use this, get it from the given download link and get the right use of it. But, if you are a newbie and does not know how to use the app to perform the mentioned task, stick in here and keep reading about using Hackode Android app.

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How to use Hackode:

Hackode is an amazing application developed by Ravi Kumar for penetration testing, ethical hacking, and cyber-security professionals. This tool got different modules to help you out in finding the hidden ways in your systems. Like Reconnaissance, Scanning, and exploits. But, if you do not know the application is in beta phase, which is working to test if the app working fine with the Android mobile phones. Right now you can use the two modules Reconnaissance and scanning.


  1. The application is a little module which collects the information about the target. And this module got two other modules.
  2. Google hacking and Whois lookup.
  3. Google hacking consists of different Google dorks like you can reach to the vulnerable websites without of using any admin or password.
  4. So, you can get the schema tables by using the Google and get the searches history of the target device.
  5. The other one is about getting the malicious files, what you can get from the different mentioned sites on Google Dorks.
  6. SQL injection is also part of Google hacking module, and you get the website vulnerable to SQL injection attacks.
  7. Next, my SQL servers, it allows you to get the search results that may help you to get the sensitive information.
  8. The last one is about getting the password tables on the websites.
  9. Whois Lookup is the module which allows you to accumulate the owner’s information. Like you can get information about the domain name, the owner’s email IDs, IP address and other stuff.
  10. Scanning module helps you to find the basic information of the target device. It simply allows you to get the reach of the host and the message sent by you or by the host to the device.
  11. Hackode application got everything that security experts need to find, like everything you can get.
  12. But, you should also get to know the use of this application.
  13. You will have to explore the inch and corners of this application. And finally, you can use to test the vulnerability of your network.

These are all tools what this application got.

  • Reconnaissance
  • Google Hacking
  • Whois Lookup
  • Scanning
  • Ping
  • Traceroute
  • MX Records
  • DNS Dig
  • Exploit
  • Tools to be added Soon
  • Security Feed
  • Security news

So, get this tool on your Android phone, just tap on the download button and get it on your phone. But, you need to watch some tutorial or get the help of an expert to use this Hackode app APK file.


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