iNoty Description:

If you are a great fan of iPhone, but cannot afford to have such an expensive mobile phone, still want to use the features of latest released iPhone X, then you have reached the right place. From this landed page, you can download iNoty. The application which will allow you to have the functions and features and controls like latest released iPhone OS 11.

You know iPhone always try to carry the forefathers, and always release latest OS for the latest iPhone device. Same happened when the iPhone X was released and iOS 11 was also released with the phone. So, by downloading and installing the iNoty app from the given link, you can have all the features and functions of the phone. This application got all the themes of iPhone, by using which you will have all the notification like iPhone IOS.

Features of iNoty:

  • Set the notification which you want to show via this app and which you do not.
  • Can customize the entire theme.
  • Can use Icontrol features iPhone using this app.
  • Quick searches of the apps and style bar like iLauncher.
  • Design cardboard notification of the phone like iOS
  • Best and colored background themes in HD.
  • Display title, description, icons.
  • Can display the calendar with events information.
  • Beautiful and smooth screen and user interface.
  • Download manual backgrounds applications for the later use of the phone.
  • Blur background with the simple and flat screen.
  • Battery percentage of the phone can be a showdown in the notification of iNoty.
  • Not only the notification and Icontrol of the phone but show the notifications like it looks beautiful.
  • You will have the complete control of your phone by using this application, all the setting, customization, notification, themes, calendars events and much like that.
  • Can save your weather forecast by using the tool.
  • Simple support control of the phone.

So, tap the download button and get iNoty app APK file, hope the file will be working fine. If not then comment down in the section, so that we can update the download link to update the file.



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