Do you love listening to music while working? Yes, I do. And many people around us, really love playing songs and listening to them all the day around. Music is the food to the soul, it ignites the romantic sensations. There are so many applications in the market around, plenty of them are the good addition. But many of them are just like a bad dream. The app which we are going to share with you, to get your favorite music on your device. iTube tops all other application on the niche.

The app has been developed to provide you with free access to the music available on Youtube. Like, every time you go on Youtube, search for the desired Youtube video and listen to it. And for the next time, to get it played, you repeat the same. It spends more data, and efficiency plus takes more time. And if you want to roam around on your phone, you will have to get the things turned off. You cannot play the music, listen to the video, and that is it. But, the app is designed having all these issues on the toe; you will not get any of the problems while using iTube Android app. So, get the app on your phone. Install it and get rid of all the issue, which previously hunting you down.

How to use iTube to download music/videos?

  1. The icing on the cake, a search engine, to search for the videos available on the platform of iTube. Over here you can search any video, and play it, it goes to the cache, and stored there.
  2. Next time when you want to listen to the same song, just open iTube library, and you will see the same songs, what you played on Youtube there.
  3. Listen to it, get the amusement, and do what you want to do on your phone. The music or video will keep playing, in contrast to the videos playing on Youtube.
  4. Enjoy your favorite songs without keeping the taps open, add your favorite songs on the list, edit the list, or remove any song you want.
  5. Save the song to store on your phone, for the time, when you will have no internet access, and still wanted to listen to the songs.
  6. For those who are fed up with watching ads before the videos, what comes on Youtube videos. iTube is the one stop shop, the application removes the ad before the video, and you get the smoother experience than ever before.

Features of iTube:

  • iTube is one of the most followed applications to watch the favorite videos on Youtube, and listen to the favorite songs.
  • On the edge advertisement, getting videos without of ads is a pleasure and anybody would love to have this. iTube app offers you listen to the favorite song, watching the favorite videos without ads.
  • Play the Youtube videos, and do your important task, the video will keep running.
  • The search engine, to search for the favorite video and just load that on your phone. You get it in the library, without saving the video on your phone.
  • Download the music or video for the time, when the internet will not be working.

Download videos, music and much more by using iTube Pro and get the freedom to play music while working. Is iTube safe to download? Yeah don’t worry, it’s 100% safe and secure. Now you can download iTube app APK file for your Android phone or tablet for free.


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