Kingo SuperUser Description:

Kingo SuperUser is a good application to manage your rooting. When you root an Android phone, it means you are breaking the security of the Android phone. The security imposed by the manufacturer to secure an Android phone. When you break the layer of security, due to many reasons, your phone becomes easier to hack. For example, you see an app on App store, provides backup. And if you have lost all of your data and want to get back all the data you might want to install the app.

So, the app requires root access to your files, and you provide the root permission to the app. As you do not have now any filter on your phone, after rooting the phone you have lost that control which ensures the security. You are going to invite the hackers to get the details of your Android phone. After rooting, you should download Kingo SuperUser app and install it on your phone. This app makes sure the security level of your Android phone and checks either the app got something dangerous to you or not.

How to use Kingo SuperUser?

Kingo SuperUser is a good application to manage the root of your Android phone.

  1. To download and install the app on your phone, you should have a root access to your Android phone.
  2. If you have no root access, please do not use the app, as it got no meaning for you then.
  3. Download the app from the given download button below, you should get the app if you already rooted your phone.
  4. And now install the app on your phone; the app will pop up when some new app will try to access the root permission.
  5. By using this app you will allow any app to get the root permission or block that app.
  6. Either you want to install the Titanium Backup, Greenify or Root Explorer, use Kingo SuperUser app to manage the root permission of an Android phone.
  7. This app lets you enjoy the features in many languages you can get it in English, Italian, Spanish, Russian, German and much more.

Download Kingo SuperUser (Root) app APK file from the below download button. We already have given you the option to download it free. If the link does not work, please do comment in the comment section.


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