There may be hundreds of Auto Liker applications roaming around in the market, claim to offer a wide range of features to cater to needs of people in getting Facebook free likes. But, I can assure you very few of them can provide the features like Kurd Liker provide. One of the best and top rated impressions providing an application. The application which stands still the test of the time, in the duration when many of them were blocked by Facebook, the app was not.

If you are really hunting to get free Facebook likes on your Facebook profile or business profile, must test this application for once. We have already provided you with the link. Just tap the download button and swipe right to get it installed on your Android phone or tablet.

Features of Kurd Liker:

  • Kurd Liker is a free auto liker providing an application, above all it is the top-rated and most followed app. You can get free thousands of impressions by using the application. It can only be used on Android phones or tablets, not for computers.
  • Free resources to get thousands of impressions on Facebook.
  • Can get auto followers, auto likes, auto comments and shares as well.
  • Clean and simple interface, with sober navigation.
  • The app will not spam your account nor save the data or leak the data online.
  • You can have faith in this application regarding privacy.

How to use Kurd Liker:

Kurd Liker app strives to provide astonishing features to the users. The simple interface and smooth navigations added the cherry on the cake. Even those who are movies in the market, and do not know much about using the app, will get the job done by just reading and following the screen written commands. But, it is our duty to make you cross the river safely, read the mention instruction to get the right use of the application.

  1. Download Kurd Liker APK file from the mentioned download link.
  2. Locate the place where you have stored it, and tap it on.
  3. It will begin the installation; just wait for the app to get installed.
  4. Restart your device once, and launch Kurd Liker app.
  5. Provide your email ID and password to login the account.
  6. Generate the token.
  7. Paste it to the mentioned place.
  8. And get access to the new screen, from where you would choose the image on which you wanted to get free likes.
  9. And it will ask you to put the number of likes you want, do the same, and do not go beyond the number 200.
  10. If you to go beyond that, Facebook can catch you manipulating the impression algorithm, and there may be few chances of you to save the account from blocking.
  11. One more thing, this is not an open walk away, to get free likes on Facebook.
  12. You will have to change the Facebook profile settings accordingly the requirements.
  13. Like, you need to enable the follower settings to get followers.
  14. You will have to allow people to share your content, to like your content on Facebook and to comment on your posts.
  15. And after making these changes, you can assume that you will get the precisely the desired results.

Download Kurd Liker app APK file, and get free likes on Facebook/Instagram without any hiccup.


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