Offline Browser Description:

Do you ever feel the pain and frustration of not having an internet connection and you need it urgently? Yes, I myself so many times. So, here is the great solution you can access your favorite web pages, news websites and favorite columnist column or favorite shelf recipe. It will work for you either you are visiting from remote areas or Wi-Fi-less train or a guest in a house having no internet-connection just tap on your Offline Browser application and start reading your favorite content.

Offline Browser is best and useful in every aspect, for example, you are visiting a place and you know there will be no internet connection. On the other hand, you found no tourist guide also. With this application, you first download the web pages or guide browsing on specific website leading you the right place to visit. Offline Browser app is also used to reduce mobile data usage and will help you to save money. You, just need to download web pages whenever you find Wi-Fi internet connection and can read whenever you need.

How to use Offline Browser Android app?

It is very easy to use. First thing, you just need to download Offline Browser app APK file from given the link below in the article. After giving permission to install this application just follow the protocols we have to follow while installing some sort of application. This will give you the option either you want to save your work by giving a password or without a password. There are basically three main options to use this Offline Browser application.

First is to browse the sites by visiting your favorite browser (Firefox, Chrome) go to the share option and share the webpage with Offline Browser. Second, open your Offline Browser and tap on + option in the given interface. There will be the option of adding URL you have to enter the URL of your favorite content. You can add as many web pages URL as you want to read offline. Or the third option is you can add specific website URL. In this case, the website will require you a login by tapping you can log in to that website webpage.

You can download web pages also by using this application. You just click download for offline, the application will do other protocols to download that page for you. The best thing I just found in Offline Browser is that it can update the web pages whenever you found internet connection and data will be updated and content will be same as on the online web pages. But, this application will not work for videos. There will be bugs starting from this application when you will try to make videos offline. There is no advertisement on official Offline Browser app. So if you are finding ads that are not an official version of this application. You can make a schedule to download web pages and set time at which will download the pages. You can also resume the downloading of web pages whenever you find no internet connection.

So, if you are going to download Offline Browser app APK file then give us a favor by downloading this Offline Browser APK from our website below link. Visit our website to check the latest version of your favorite Offline Browser Android app. If, you are finding any difficulty to download or there is an error while downloading the file. Then please comment below in comment section or contact and let us know. Our team will update that Android application for you.


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