OGWhatsApp Description:

OGWhatsApp: WhatsApp is the new sensation, this app frightened the biggest social media giant Facebook, and finally. Facebook has to offer 19 billion dollars to the WhatsApp owner. Now, WhatsApp the officially owned by Facebook, and Facebook is making new ways to sponsor via WhatsApp.

I am not here to talk about how WhatsApp came into existence; I am going to elaborate some of the features which should be added to WhatsApp. Like, if you got SIM on your smartphone, and you got want to operate two different WhatsApp account over there. But, you simply cannot, because WhatsApp only allows you to have one account on one smartphone. This thing has now changed, and OGWhatsApp had made it possible for you to operate two different accounts of two different mobiles number on a single smartphone.

How to use OGWhatsApp?

It is simple, but one has to do it carefully- like you have to take care of these three steps before going further in using two WhatsApp account in a single smartphone.

  1. You need to create back-ups of all of your data, like messages, videos, images and much more. As the data is going to vanish when you will go further ahead.
  2. The second step you need to rename the SD Card/WhatsApp directory to /SD card/OGWhatsApp to make the separate folder to save the data in this folder.
  3. The third step is very important, you need to verify the old mobile number, what you have been using before on WhatsApp via OGWhatsApp and verify the new number to the normal version of WhatsApp.

Now, you are all set to use two WhatsApp account on your same smartphone. Plus, WhatsApp does not allow you to upload any file of more than 50 MB; by having this app installed on can upload data up to 500 MB. You can say OGWhatsApp is modified form of WhatsApp, you can say, one can use those features which are restricted by the officials. Download OGWhatsApp APK file from the given download button, we have already given you a download button below. Tap on it and have the OGWhatsApp latest version on your Android phone.


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