Are you a security conscious gay and takes your privacy very serious over the internet? You probably do not know how the big corporation exploits our personal data and share use that data against us. The latest Facebook analytics scandal has explored how the big corporation took our private data and sells to a big corporation so that they can exploit that data. You browse the internet and search something, you purchase online, and share pictures sometimes stores pictures on Cloud services. If you do not want to leave your trail while browsing on internet. Then you should start using Orbot APK file. This application not only makes you anonymous on the internet but secure you’re browsing on the Internet.

How does Orbot app work?

Let me explain it in simple words, how this application works.

  1. Suppose right at the moment someone attempts to look you up, you know what he/she can get over the internet about you. The websites you are visiting, the social network sites you use, the browser you use, the IP address of the device you use and much more what you did not mean to explore to anyone.
  2. If someone wants to hack you and want to get the precise location of you. By revealing the IP he can get to know the real identity of you.
  3. By using the application or proxy Orbot you can hide your identity.
  4. When you browse over the internet by using Orbot it will make you anonymous, and the browser or website or big corporation would not come to know what is your real location, and from where you are accessing the internet.
  5. The more people will use the internet and use the proxy Orbot the more complex it will become for the seekers to get your real identity and location. For the browsers or websites when you use internet using Orbot all users become the same, and in this way. They will not be able to provide you with the ads you may purchase from them.
  6. Is Orbot safe? Yes, using this app you become completely safe and secure and the big corporation or governmental institutes even could not get to know the identity of you.
  7. Big journalist, anchors, and socialist who find it hard to browse freely on the internet mostly use Orbot to hide their identity and to get the job done.

 Features of Orbot:

  • Orbot is a sigh of relief for those who wonder the privacy and freedoms related stuff, and want complete security so that no one could reveal about the personality, location, or favorites.
  • If you get problem while using it on your Android devices due to some apps you may be using. You can set different privacy for that application.
  • Just tap on the Orbot button and it will start hiding your internet life.
  • No one would come to know the real location, browser, identity and much more.
  • For those who do not want to leave any trail on the internet. Orbot app will be the right option to grab.
  • By using this app your privacy completely protected.
  • The combination of Orbot with Tor browser is cherry on the cake.
  • Clean and simple interface.
  • Get your favorite location, and show to the internet from that location you are browsing.

Download Orbot: Proxy with Tor app APK file from the given download link. And start protecting your personal data what you do not mean to reveal to any stranger.


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