Parallel Space – 64Bit Support Description:

If you want to use two different accounts of the same application on the same device. Then you might be needed to download Parallel Space – 64Bit Support application. The app lets you do the job without of any trouble. Just install the application, and create the other account using Parallel Space. Basically, you can create two different accounts for anything like you can use two Facebook accounts, Clash of Clans, Candy Crush Saga and even WhatsApp.

So, you have gotten the idea of what Parallel Space is. Now, the app what we have uploaded in here, and have given you the download link to, is do something different. Parallel Space – 64Bit Support app provides the bug fixed on your Parallel Space account. In Parallel Space, the user was getting issues on higher ended devices, like Android 6.0 or 6.0.1, there was screen black error when the users try to use the app on Parallel Space.

To get Parallel Space – 64Bit Support app installed on your phone, you must install Parallel Space application. Note, 64-bit version only works for the mobile phones with supports 64-bit version, which most of the devices do not. Parallel Space – 64Bit Support application is much simpler than you expect, basically, the app lets you create a virtual space on your phone. Space which is completely independent of your device and you get the second installed application directly on the Parallel account. So, one account will be running on your Android phone, the normal way. And the second account will be running by using the Parallel Space.

The app is completely compatible with all of the Android phones and Android versions; there were some issues with the HTC mobile phone. The most of which are fixed, and if you do not get the error fixed. You can download Parallel Space – 64Bit Support app from the link given. The app does not occupy much space on your mobile phone, just 30KB. It is an extremely interesting application, thanks to the developers which has made it possible for us to run two accounts of anything we want.

So, you simply get the features from the Parallel Space account and download Parallel Space – 64Bit Support app APK file from the given download link. If you do not get the link, please do comment in the comment section.


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