Perfect AppLock (App Protector) Description:

Sometimes, it gets difficult to refuse someone who is asking for your Android phone. With a heavy heart, you have to give him/her your personal phone. So, this is really awkward when someone wants to check your mobile phone. You know, mobile phones are like private gadgets having your personal things and you saved all data having a thing in my mind that no one will see all that data. So this is the suitable solution we are giving to you.

Perfect AppLock (App Protector) is the best tool and application to save your privacy and personal data. So, if someone is asking for your Android device and you have installed this application, there is no worry that someone will see your data. Because this application not only gives you the credential to lock your screen with pin or pattern but also, you can lock every application you want to make personal.

So, when you install this application after downloading from this website. It will give the option to select that application which you want to protect from others. It will give you the option to make a pin password or pattern password to secure your personal data.

This was the main idea of having this, developers made this application Perfect App Lock (App Protector) app. But, with the passage of time, it became the one stop shop for Android users. The features and benefits I am going to share will make your mind enough to install this application. The best security software that will secure you, when your mobile phone is lost and the person who found your device tried to open the lock on your phone. After, 3 tries this application, will automatically capture the person by activating the camera and flash.

So, you will come to know after finding that phone the person who was trying to unlock your phone. Sometimes, you need to lock and unlock your messages and phone calls. So, by using this you can easily lock the call of a specific person and messages also.  So, if someone trying to hack your Android device by connecting to a computer, this will ask for pattern or pin lock.

These are some more features that will make your mind to install this Perfect App Lock (App Protector) application.

Features of Perfect AppLock (App Protector):

  • Easily and quickly can lock any application by pin or pattern.
  • Select the screen brightness option for each application; effectively manage the brightness of each and individual application.
  • Will protect rotation of the screen; give you prevention on unwanted screen rotation.
  • Will block all fake pop-ups messages and prevent you from any more advertisement pages.
  • Lock your device connecting to a computer.
  • Watchdog feature will give you protection if someone is trying to unlock your screen pattern and will capture the person by activating the flash camera.
  • Gesture, pin, pattern or text password supported the application.
  • Lock Wi-Fi, 3G data, Bluetooth and many more applications.

Stealth mode feature and SMS permission features are like the cherry on a cake for this application. But, for using these features you have to get permission from your network.

But, this Perfect AppLock app is not for smaller screen sized phones like HTC Wildfire. So, in my opinion, this application has not a drawback. One can easily download and install to their best privacy and to secure your data from an unwanted person.

If you have made up your mind to download Perfect AppLock (App Protector) app APK file, give us a credit; download this application from our website. We have given the link to download at the end of this post. If you have any question in your mind or feeling any difficulty in installing or downloading this application, feel free to comment down in the comment area section or contact. Keep visiting our website for more free latest android apps and games.


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