PokeSniper Description:

Do you want to catch Legendary Pokémon without of roaming around on streets in searching for the coordinates of it? You might have spent hours in searching and hunting the Pokémon in the hard to reach and access area. Here you can catch the Pokémon without of spending much of your time. So, download PokeSniper app from the given download link. Install the application on your phone, and get the Pokémon.

What do you need to catch the Pokémon? An Android device, with an active internet connection, and PokeSniper APK file installed on your phone. You need to know the Pokémon account details and follow what I am going to narrate in this post.

How to use PokeSniper app to catch Pokémon?

PokeSniper is a Pokémon application for Android devices that will catch the Legendary Pokémon of moving an inch away from your comfort zone. It is simple and easy to use application which got outstanding features. PokeSniper has a simplified interface, and you get the Pokémon with just adding the details of your targeted Pokémon.

  1. Once details are entered, and Pokesniper just snipes the Pokémon for you and add it to your Pokémon account.
  2. You need to download PokeSniper app from the given download link.
  3. Open the APK file you have downloaded on your phone.
  4. You will see a pop-up window with three options, tap on the install button and follow the onscreen commands.
  5. Now, launch the Pokémon application on your phone, where you will see no account in the account section.
  6. Where you need to provide the Pokémon Go account details.
  7. Tap on the add button after providing the account, the account will be added momentarily.
  8. Provide your username with a password, if you have just signed in using Google account, just provide the Gmail along with the password.
  9. You need to enter the coordinates (Latitude, longitude) to avid the account from the band.

So, you get the Pokémon by using the above method. We have already given the download link, tap on the download button and download PokeSniper app APK file. If the link does not work, please comment down in the section.


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