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RootCloak, rooting is a process to unlock the premium features of an Android phone. It is more like getting the authority to edit the core files of an Android phone. You break into your Android phone and remove the security layer to install the desired applications and tools. But, in these days, what I am finding, rooting has become dime a dozen jobs. Everyone, roots the phone, regardless of its needs and requirements. Rooting should be done when it needed, and you want to explore the device and got the interest to find new ways to make a phone working differently.

But, to make your mobile phone working to install an application. There is some application which cannot be run on your phone when rooting is done. But, the question is why the apps do not work on a rooted device? Because rooting is a process to break the tight security of your phone. A rooted phone is more vulnerable, and attackers find it easier to take a rooted phone down. So, when you got a rooted phone, some apps also feel it, that a rooted phone can be used against them. Though it is true, and there have been some experiences where people after getting the phone rooted, get the apps down and hack in their servers.

What is RootCloak?

So, to hide your phone’s status of rooting, and to provide you a path of getting the app installed. There an app came on the market, RootCloak. This is an application which hides your mobile phone’s status of rooting and allows you to get your desired application installed. In plain English, you can hide the root status of the device, and no installed apps would come to know you have rooted your mobile phone device.

This is for what RootCloak came into existence and you can get the right from the application by using it. I am again mentioning it here, the RootCloak app can only be installed on the rooted Android phone. If you did not root the phone, you have no need to install this application. As you are alright with your software, and even can install application easily.

Most of the guys what I found them commenting on different forums regarding not getting the Netflix latest version compatible for working for their Android phone. The reason is the same, they might have rooted the devices and Netflix latest version cannot be installed on the rooted phone. You first get this RootCloak Android app installed on your phone and then get the job done.

How to use RootCloak?

The RootCloak is an application which makes you hide the root status of your Android phone. By installing and using this simple application, no one would ever come to know that you have rooted your device. An increasing number of apps cannot b downloaded or just simply stop working with a rooted phone. I gave you an example of the application, the latest version of Netflix. The use of this application is very simple and easy. You just with a couple of taps of the finger can get the job done.

  1. First, you need to have an Xposed Framework from XDA on your device installed; we also have given you the Xposed Framework, get it from the link mentioned.
  2. And then get the RootCloak APK file from the given download link.
  3. As mentioned you need to have a rooted phone to get both of the apps working on your phone. So keep in mind if you have not rooted the device, the use of this app will be useless.
  4. Get the application launched on your phone, the interface of the application speaks for itself. You have nothing to learn to get it working. Just read the section, and you will get to know how to deal with different sections there.
  5. The simple add or remove application section allows you to get the app in the list to which you do not want to give permission.
  6. Like, if you want to work with Netflix, and want your phone to hide the status of rooting for this application, just put the Netflix on this section.
  7. And Netflix will never find that the device has been rooted.
  8. The keywords sections help you in Broadway, you can add any keyword there, and no app of that name will be getting root information.

The application is very helpful and provides you with different options and features to nail the apps which do not work with the rooted phone.

Features of RootCloak:

RootCloak is the application which allows you to get the app installed which do not work with the rooted phone. You need to get the Xposed application first, get this installed and restart your device, and then RootCloak will be working with your phone.

  • RootCloak is a simple, effective, working with any Android phone and version an application for the rooted device. Like Android KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nought (or Android 7), & Oreo.
  • You can hide your root status by installing this application and make any app working with your phone without of any hiccup.
  • Different sections of this application make you simply add an app from which you want to hide the root status of the phone. Drop the application, and the app will no longer be able to find that your device is rooted
  • Only you ticked the app and simply use them without any error.
  • The application can work fine with the modded apps and games downloaded from the Google Play Store.
  • You need to have Android version 4.0 and above to get this app working on your phone.
  • You can simply add any keyword on the keyword adding section to hide the root status from that particular application.
  • Moreover, there may be a dozen apps working in the same niche and offers you wide range of features, but interface, smoothness what this app offer cannot be found.
  • And much more features.

You get this RootCloak Plus Pro app APK file on your rooted phone. Get the Xposed Framework installed before this, and you have done the job simply. Xposed and RootCloak both have been given, get it from the given download link, and simply hide your root status. Furthermore, keep visiting our site for more latest apps and games. 🙂


Version Size Requirements Date
4270 - - - - -
24 - v5.01 3.6 MB Android OS 2.3 and higher 18/01/2020
2362 - v1.8.2 1770 KB All Android OS 06/02/2020
64 - v15.4 6.8 MB Android OS 2.3 and higher 01/02/2020
95 - v2.3.3 5.5 MB All Android OS 09/03/2020

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