Do you want to know if your router, network is secure? If yes, then you will ask me to find an application which could tell you about vulnerabilities your network has? Ok, I am going to tell you a web application, which detects and find hidden windows in a network and allow you to check those vulnerabilities on your server. You might have heard the name of “Routerpwn“, if not then this is the leading application to exploit the security of your home routers. The application has been designed to have close eyes on the security of the network, and get to know if someone could be entered into your network or not.

What is Routerpwn?

Routerpwn is an application which stores and built the local remote exploits to run on a home router. In the list of the exploit, there are about all major brands. To get this app working, you will not be needed any expertise, you just tap on the search button, and search for your model and click on the exploit to execute the code to test to know the vulnerability of your network. This application by default open the router IP and try different default passwords according to your model and network.

How Routerpwn app works?

Routerpwn is built-in exploits, and you just search on your router and try to break in the targeted network. The feature which makes this Routerpwn app stands out, it’s working offline. It is not necessary to be connected to the internet to run the exploits and to take the router down. The site stored offline, the codes stored in the local router which works without of the internet. This application works simply; the developer of Routerpwn does know how the router works.

So, they use the hidden windows or secret codes to break into the network. They already have created the commands or lines which can make the router down. Most of the time users use the default passwords, those passwords which are easy to detect. And some security experts tend to change the passwords after a specific time span, and they do sure some codes generating the application. If you get to know this, that a router changes the password in that pattern, then you can find the next password of that network.

It is not that simple exploiting a router does not necessarily mean to get the password every time. Some of the routers can launch the denial of the attack against the router. You just get the application downloaded on your Android phone. And install it safely; though some years back the app was available on Google Play Store, for now, it has been removed. You have to take the APK file from our servers, which we already have updated to provide it to you.

The next step towards taking down a router, to launch it, there are already exploits stored in the application, and you just search for the model to get the default admin name and password. Just get that information, and hit back to the default router URL to check if there are vulnerabilities on the network. The application was designed for the educational purpose; any illegal use of this app will be upon the user. The developers or providers will not be responsible for any criminal activity. The link to the file has already given, you just get it from the given download link.

PS: You can also download these alternative apps like WIBR+, zANTi, Router Brute Force, Wifi Password Hacker & WPS WPA Tester 🙂


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