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You got a new Samsung mobile phone, and you wish that new phone would get the same settings, data, contact, and everything, like the older, has. Yes, by using the Samsung Smart Switch app you can have all the stuff same on both the devices. This works even if you do not have any internet connection, connecting both the devices using a data cable, or using the Wi-Fi if you got.

Samsung Smart Switch Mobile is probably the best app ever made. The app makes you easy to transfer all of your data from one device the older one, to the new device without any hiccup, in a matter of seconds. You can share any data, like videos, music, and everything with just one tap of the finger. This Samsung Smart Switch app makes the transfer of the whole data in between two Android phones and tablets. Even if you want to get the data shared with your personal computer.

The application is not just developed to help the Samsung users. But all Android users, whatever brand that is, can use the application to get the data shared, the same way, the Samsung users get. Create the backup of your device, backup the contacts, all important files and much more. By connecting the phone using the Samsung Smart Switch to your computer.

How to use Samsung Smart Switch?

The Samsung Smart Switch Android app allows you to connect your older phone. Using a data cable or just connecting the phone to computer to sharing important file. Get your two phones connected, a newer phone you just purchase, and older one from where you want to share the data.

  1. Download Samsung Smart Switch APK file on both the Samsung phones. The latest version has been provided, just tap the download button to get it.
  2. Make the newer phone, the receiver, and the older phone as a sender. You will get by this, while installing and launching on the phone.
  3. The phone should not be too far, that should be closed, to keep the transfer speedy.
  4. And tap on anything you want to share, example, and contacts, select it on, and drop it to the home screen of the Samsung Smart Switch.
  5. The contacts will start sharing on the other device, you have no need to import/export contacts, this will happen on its own.
  6. The same goes for any other data you want to share, like music, videos, songs, documents, backup, other files, even the entire phone’s storage will be shared.
  7. You even can get the app’s data shared on the other side.
  8. In the same way, to share the data with a computer, you will be sticking yourself following the pattern.

Features of Samsung Smart Switch:

  • Samsung Smart Switch is a mind-boggling application, without any disturbance, or following the detailed-process, you get the data shared.
  • Share your files, music files, videos, documents, settings, browser anything with other phone or computer with just one tap.
  • It works even with Wi-Fi, with a cable or AirSync.
  • You can get the data shared with double the speed and very smooth.
  • All kind of important data, contacts, images, videos, important notes, calendars, emails will be shared with a couple of clicks.

Download Samsung Smart Switch APK file latest version from the given download link. And install on the device where you want to share the data.


Version Size Requirements Date
4270 - - - - -
24 - v5.01 3.6 MB Android OS 2.3 and higher 18/01/2020
2362 - v1.8.2 1770 KB All Android OS 06/02/2020
64 - v15.4 6.8 MB Android OS 2.3 and higher 01/02/2020
95 - v2.3.3 5.5 MB All Android OS 09/03/2020

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