If you think you can sing, and have a good voice, and you need a platform, from where you can get feedback on your songs, then you should download and use this Sing Karaoke by Smule application from our website. This got more than just recording or adding filters on your voices, the professional editing of the songs, adding the right tune on your songs, adding some partners, duet, and much more for a person who willing to be a singer still do not have access to the professional equipment and studio.

Sing your favorite song in your voice, use the best available audio effects from the library, and the mind-blowing video filters and the best celebrity singer to make a duet with you, just away from the tap of your thumb. Create audio and video musical songs, got the feedback on every song, 50M plus family to appreciate you, to correct you and to encourage you, support you on every matter of singing. Get the support of the musical family, get the platform on your Android device and download Sing Karaoke by Smule app and install on your device.

Sing new and classical songs in your voice, add filters and polish like professionals do in their audio songs, get the right pitch and correction on your voice, get the real-time feedback on your songs and share your song to the music lover community from all around the globe.

Connect people via Facebook, Twitter and Google+ platform, make a strong bond with the people, and gather people like you around you to be a successful singer. Record the song in your voice, make a better song than before, add polish and edit to the songs, make a beautiful video of the song, option to add lyrics in the song, and to upload on Sing Karaoke by Smule to get the real-time feedback from the musical family.

Download Sing Karaoke by Smule app APK file from our servers, we already have given a download link for you, tap the download button to get the file. And install it on your device, to create a wonderful song, to catch your dreams.


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