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Do you want to make your kids safe online? It has now become a lot difficult for an underage kid to keep away from the wrong activity on the internet. Parents use to be very careful about their little kids about the activity of the smartphone they were using. So, you want to keep a close eye on your kids, and also want to give him the freedom to do what he wants. There is an application, Spyzie; this application allows you to have a close eye on your kids by spying on their smartphones. The application makes you install this on the phone, and then by using the servers providing by the application you watch them over.

There are hundreds of apps roaming around in the market, with the names of tracking the kids. But, there are very few of them, which could perform like free Spyzie. The application allows you to keep track of the activities of your kids on a smartphone, and check whether or not they are doing offensive stuff. The application has a simple interface, and without rooting the phone one can easily get the job done. You need to create an account, and then install Spyzie APK file on the Android phone which you want to track. Do not worry, you can after installing, delete the application’s icon so that they would not know if any app of this kind has installed on their phones or not.

How to use Spyzie?

Use of this application is very simple, but you need to know first how the app works. You need not take any illegal work from the application, and anything of this kind will not be upon the developers of the application or provider.

  1. You should go to the official website of Spyzie application, Spyzie.com.
  2. And you need to create an account there.
  3. You should provide your kid’s name, this is just for you, and no one would be watching the name put in here.
  4. And mention the age of your kid.
  5. And now you are all set to go on the phone where you need to install the application.
  6. You can get the application from the given download link, we have already provided you with the official Spyzie app.
  7. Now, it will ask you to provide the email ID and password, what you previously created on your computer.
  8. And sign in.
  9. Now, it will ask you either you want to have some more options. Like encrypt the data of the mobile phone, encrypt the data of SD card, lock the mobile phone, or delete some messages, or erase the call logs and like this.
  10. You should select the option what you want to have along with tracking.
  11. Now, you can delete the application’s icon as well from the mobile phone if you want.
  12. Come back to your PC, where you leave the account.
  13. And you will see the agreement, accept the agreement.
  14. And go to the activity section.
  15. From here you can track any activity you want.
  16. You can see the SMS send to any number, call logs, application’s activity, WhatsApp messages, and videos anything.
  17. Have a close eye on your kid’s smartphone, and monitor him.

So, you can download and install free Spyzie app APK file from the given download link. And can track the activity of the mobile phone.


Version Size Requirements Date
4270 - - - - -
24 - v5.01 3.6 MB Android OS 2.3 and higher 18/01/2020
2362 - v1.8.2 1770 KB All Android OS 06/02/2020
64 - v15.4 6.8 MB Android OS 2.3 and higher 01/02/2020
95 - v2.3.3 5.5 MB All Android OS 09/03/2020

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