Terminal Emulator Description:

You might have used an emulator to play Nintendo video games on your PC or Android phone. Terminal Emulator is its own kind of emulator, which provides you unique and different functions and features. To run Linux OS on a computer and Android phone, you need to install this operating system. If one does not know, how to handle this operating system, this can be a complete fuss. So, in this scenario, one easily can get Linux command line on Android phone by using Terminal Emulator app on Android phone. And can access all the stuff what you have been accessed over Linux.

Remember, for this you are not required to install entire Linux OS on your Android phone. This is an emulator, which will enable you to run Linux command on Android phone. It is important to note, Terminal Emulator app does not emulate video games, nor does it allow you to root your Android phone. So, if you have something like that in your mind, clear this thing.

Via Terminal Emulator app you can access your SD card and install or execute the Linux commands on Android phone or tablet. It allows you to modify the different parameters of your Android phone, like color, background themes, and types of keyboards and get the right use of the app. Add your favorite thing on your home screen; add widgets, access to your computer desktop screen and much more by using the app.

Notice that, if one has no idea how to use and handle Terminal Emulator app does not enter into modifying the section, where you could edit or delete an important file. So, this application is not for everyone, they can use this app that had fluent knowledge of Linux commands.

Features of Terminal Emulator:

  • Terminal Emulator is a nice catch for those who love to learn commands of Linux OS.
  • It provides you full Linux interface and terminal
  • Allows you to have multiple windows on one Android phone
  • It gives you different languages options to choose from
  • Completely free of cost
  • No ads and much more

So, tap on the download button below and download Terminal Emulator app APK file on your Android phone. If the link does not work, please do comment in the comment section.


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