Test DPC: Being an application developer, you will be needed to check your application under different circumstances. Like, you need to check the application either it be working fine with specific Android devices. You need to check your application under different conditions and set of policies and check the behavior of the application with different sets of commands.

So, the application Test DPC is a device policy controller, which is specifically developed for the Android developers. You just have this tester installed on your phone, and check the vulnerabilities of your developed application under different conditions. This is one of the best tools to test applications and APK files directly on your Android phone.

Just download Test DPC APK file from the given download link, and start testing your Android application with the tap of a finger. The application is compatible with the devices which are running Android 5.0 and higher than this. Many applications these days are developing for the higher Android devices, so it would not create any problem for you to get the app installed.

How to install Test DPC?

Installing Test DPC app would not create any problem for you, it will be like installing other simple applications.

  1. Either you connect your Gmail account to Google Play Store, and get the download link directly from the Play Store. And if you are not accessing the Play Store, then directly download the application from the link given. And change the phone’s setting to an unknown source, to get the app installed safely.
  2. By installing the application you can create the admin channel for a specific set of instructions, and test the demo of the app on it.
  3. There is no limit to creating a channel, you can create as many as you wanted.

Features of Test DPC:

  • It is one of the best tools to check your developed applications.
  • Mas test Android application to check your apps under a different set of policies.
  • Create profiles, and organize them with colors, widgets.
  • Control data usage and observe it.
  • Use the existing profile, or create new profiles to check new applications.

Download Test DPC app APK file latest version from the given download link and install it on your device.


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