Good news for the Sims lovers, another part of this game has been developed and released. Now, you can have The Sims 4 on your device and can create the magic, what you have created before. You can download The Sims 4 game from the given download link and install on Android devices to create a wonderful family, the family of your desires and emotions.

The Sims 4 APK

The Sims series is quite popular among the game lovers, as this provides you nice avatar with virtual homes and characters. You can build any character here, can give him the desired avatar, and live happily in your dreamland. Though there are some bad reviews about new features of the game, as lots of sims have been removed and the game has lightened up. We were expecting some new thing in content, and some new concepts which would make the game stand out. Instead, the sims have been removed, the pools, toddlers, and ability to not view his sims had made the game sucks.

Still the new editions somehow hitting the minds, as it would take some time to adjust to these new features, and hope you guys would start loving these new characters of the game.

Features of The Sims 4 APK:

Aside from the bad reviews and criticism, the game has offered countless new activities and features, which can make you stick with the screen of your device.

  • The range of buying characters and objects was quite wider, and now it has widest of your imagination. The graphics are mind-blowing; the outing where one can go is immensely great.
  • New features and objects have been created, which really hit your taste, and you would enjoy moving those characters.
  • Additional graphics.
  • The new character creator is excellent.
  • You can see your Sims moving in the neighborhood.
  • New neighborhood has also created.
  • The way Sims interact is quite catchy.
  • New Sims automatically performs the task without any long detailed orders, they got the intelligence.
  • Numerous outing made you in love to go out with your Sims.
  • Three-dimensional camera controls.
  • Quite loving interface.
  • New contents had already made the game stand out in the crowd.
  • Can have this app on Android, iOS.

If you want to have the game on your Android device, go ahead. Tap the download button and download The Sims 4 game APK file. Hope the download link will be working fine.

App Information:

NameThe Sims 4
Developed by Electronic Arts
Versionv1.8.2 (Updated)
Size1770 KB
Category Games >> Casual
Require SystemAll Android OS


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