WPS WPA Tester Premium v3.8.4.8 APK Free Download (Latest) for Android

WPS WPA Tester Premium v3.8.4.8 APK Free Download (Latest) for Android
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Do you want to access Wi-Fi internet connection around you? And want the services without of paying anything or you want to check your own network, vulnerable or not. WPS WPA Tester Premium app will be the option to go for. After the successful launch of the free version of the application, people now want to pay to get the services. In the free version of WPS WPA Tester, there were ads, and one has to root the Android phone to hack the internet connection nearby. But, with the premium version, you can access all services without of ads and rooting the Android device. So, let’s narrow down the topic and learn how to hack the connection.

What is WPS WPA Tester Premium?

WPS WPA Tester Premium is an Android hacking tool which allows you to hack and check the vulnerability of connection nearby you. The application works on a black hat. It is a penetration tool and attack on a network, scans its vulnerability and checks for the available passwords.

There is a superb algorithm of the application which takes the password at the end. When you turn on WiFi WPS WPA Tester hacking tool. It scans all network and connections which are showing at the point, and it checks them either they are WPS or WPA. After that, this application sends the pin or password to test the access point. And the push button keeps trying the password until the real password revealed.

How to use WPS WPA Tester Premium to hack a network/WiFi?

Though it may not be the piece of cake to hack a network, you have to spend the quality team on it to analyze the network. But, the tool can help you in making the process easier. Most of the users get the premium version of WPS WPA Tester to check their own networks. As you need to know the hidden ways in your own network so that you could tighten up the security.

  1. Download the WPS WPA Tester Premium APK file from the given download link.
  2. As the word premium describe you have to pay for the tool to get the services.
  3. Install it carefully, and go through the payment process to activate the premium facilities.
  4. If you are getting the premium version, you will not be needed to root the Android phone, in the other case you have to root your device.
  5. Turn on the WPS WPA Tester Premium app and it will start scanning the connection nearby you.
  6. That connection will be scanned or checked which are being shown at the location.
  7. And this will check the connection on the basis of WPA and WPS.
  8. And start revealing the password by using the push button and many algorithms which are busing used there. Like Zhao, Trendnet, Dlink, Dlink+1, FTE-xxx, Arris, ASUS and much more.
  9. The application allows doing PINs in brute force or penetration smart way method.
  10. The application will try 1000 PINs combination, and it will scan the PIN one by one, in the end, it will reveal the real password of the connection.
  11. While using the application, if you get the lock state situation, this means the network or connection does not allow more PINs. It will then be useless to try any more PINs, and that network cannot be taken down.

Keep in mind WPA WPS Tester Premium Android app cannot hack all networks. So, we have given you the link to download WPA WPS Tester Premium app APK file latest version, get it on your phone with just one tap.


Version Size Requirements Date
24 - v5.01 3.6 MB Android OS 2.3 and higher 18/01/2020

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