Do you love making some changes to your Android phone? Anyway, I loved all the time, going out of the box, feels amazing. The framework, Xposed Installer is the tool which allows you to get the little changes. By installing the Xposed Installer app you will get different modules, and by downloading and installing that module will make you change the look, the ascetic beauty. And add up some important stuff which is not given by default by the developers.

The changes are identical to the apps, like the way you install any application, following your need and desires. And get the desired results after making changes in your system. Though that changes are temporary, and if you uninstall or disable the working of the app. That application may not be working for you. Same the way, modules of Xposed Installer works, same the way. You can search for the module accordingly your need, and this time. You are making changes in the memory of the device. Though you can stop that module, to stop the function on your phone. The changes made in this way, are long-lasting more powerful than the application.

How to use Xposed Installer:

Xposed Installer is the simplest and shortest way to change the look of your phone, the working of the phone, and behavior of it. You need to be more curious, more focused, and if you do not have an idea about the ongoing situation. Do not sink your nose into this. For a beginner or novices, using an Xposed Installer may cause some damage to the phone. As, I mentioned all these changes directly goes to the memory of the phone, long-lasting, you can have a brick phone at the end.

  1. Download Xposed Installer latest APK file, what we have provided you in here.
  2. Install that application, this is not a module, this is the package or application, which heads you towards getting the modules.
  3. You may have to change the installation settings, more certainly, as the app cannot be gained from Google Play Store, for obvious reasons.
  4. After getting this installed, launch it, and from the home screen, grab the different modules.
  5. It is not like, you just pick or search the module, and it will start working. You will have to search for the module, and you need to know precisely about functions and tasking of the module, before making that installed on your phone.
  6. Search for that, download it, and get that working on your phone momentarily.
  7. It should be noted that the application does not change the ROM files or rights over the phone. Or not overnight a new ROM on your device. This is making the changes in the memory of the phone, within the ROM.
  8. And you have no need to install a stock ROM to make those changes to garner the rights of using Xposed Installer on your phone.

Xposed Installer is a very interesting tool, which provides you with different modules, and making them installed on your phone. Moreover, you can get the changes what you use to change after installing a stock ROM. Now you can download Xposed Installer app APK file latest version for Android Lollipop, KitKat, Marshmallow & Nougat for free from the given download link, and get it installed.


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