YMusic (YouTube Music Player & Downloader) Description:

When you listen to a song on YouTube and turned off the Android phone screen, will the song continue playing? Of course not, the song will stop playing or stream, and if you want to get that song or video playing and you want to listen the audio of the song, what to do? Is there any option to do that, yes, there is an option, YMusic (YouTube Music Player & Downloader) Android app.

This application allows you to stream any song, and to lock the screen, and the songs which are on the track will continue playing, and you can listen to the audio of it. This is the main feature of YMusic app, but this is not all that this app does. This application provides you more additional features which can add comfort to your life. You also can download any song on here, any video on your phone storage just one tap of the finger.

How to Use YMusic Android app?

The use of this application is very simple, you are not required to watch the tutorial to get the right use of it. To download any video or to download any song, you just launch the YMusic APK file on your Android mobile phone and search for the desired video or song. First, choose the right format for it, as it also gives you the correct format, and tap on the download button. The video will start downloading in this way.

To listen to the song or to listen to the audio of a YouTube video you need to do the same. YMusic app got the clean interface, no popping up of the ads or annoying ads to spoil your experience of using this application. Clean navigation allows you to download any video or audio on your Android mobile phone. Save your favorite song, to play it later, as you do not have enough space to get it directly on your Android mobile phone.

YMusic is easy to use application, with a simple interface you download YouTube videos and listen to the favorite song. So, download YMusic (YouTube Music Player & Downloader) app APK file from the given download link. And install it on your Android mobile phone. If the link does not work, please do comment in the comment section. 🙂


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