zANTI v2.5.0 APK Free Download (Latest) for Android

zANTI (WiFi Hack) v2.5.0 APK Free Download (Latest) for Android
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zANTI Description:

zANTI WiFi Hack: Online privacy and security is the most important thing one should take care nowadays. People, most of the time does not have an eye on the loopholes in their system or network. And most of the time, they make their private data or important stuff leaked on the internet. We deal on the internet nowadays, we shop online and our credit card or bank details most of the times save on our browser.

So, before someone finds the loopholes and hidden windows in your internet network or computer, you should check yourself and fix those flaws. zANTI is the right catch in this scenario; it lets you know the week places or windows in your network show it off to your screen and tells you how to fix these errors. Do not be so late, tap the download button below, and download zANTI app on your Android phone. Install it and scan your network.

How zANTI app works?

zANTI is a free penetration tool; this application enters into your network, scans the entire system and tells you about the host or network. You also can get to know which IP address on your network, tweak around the internet to reveal the privacy of the other connected people. Simply, download zANTI APK from the link below, and install it on your Android phone. The Android default setting would not allow you to install the app, change the installation setting to third-party installation setting. Smoothly install the app and tap on the scan option. It will take few moments to load and start scanning your entire network.

This security toolkit will do various type of operations on your network and will find the dangerous or malicious scripts which are going to nail down your network. Have a close eye on all people connected to your network, look what they are doing in real-time. Any wrong use of the application for hacking or revealing the privacy will not be upon on the developer. The app is developed for the learning or testing purpose and should be used only to check the security vulnerabilities on your network.

Change the Mac address of your all connected people to virtual MAC. If you find someone targeting your users by having the Mac addresses. Download zANTI (WiFi Hack) app APK file no root from the link below, and make your security unbreakable.

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Version Size Requirements Date
4270 - - - - -
24 - v5.01 3.6 MB Android OS 2.3 and higher 18/01/2020
2362 - v1.8.2 1770 KB All Android OS 06/02/2020
64 - v15.4 6.8 MB Android OS 2.3 and higher 01/02/2020
95 - v2.3.3 5.5 MB All Android OS 09/03/2020

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